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Stop demonizing food!

This is just one example above: One regular Thomas brand bagel with two tablespoons of cream cheese is about 280 calories. It is possible to achieve your health goals with either one, but diet culture tells you both of these are BAD!

Why? Why can’t you be healthy and eat a bagel with cream cheese? ( Which who doesn’t love a good bagel now and then?!) “But carbs are bad and the cream cheese is fatty Zach!” I hear it all the time from my clients who are brainwashed by the culture they have been accustomed to. What if I told you that those 180 calories are exactly the same to your body as eating a 1/2 cup of egg whites, 40 cal bread, and a cup of blueberries, would you believe it? The bagel thin with cream cheese and the egg whites, lite bread, and blueberries are both almost EXACTLY 180 calories each. Stop food shaming yourself and enjoy both of them guilt free.

Let’s talk demonizing food- “Good” vs. “Bad”

Many people still have it solidified in their brains that if they eat a certain food it makes them “bad, or “good.”

Can you relate?

We think it’s harmless calling something a cheat meal, but in reality if we know cheating is morally bad, then we are thinking we are doing something bad!

How does that make you feel usually? Guilty!!

A lot of clients look at me crazy when I tell them they can eat anything they want. Diet culture goes completely against this thought process. Most people binge and restrict, and binge and restrict. Why do you think the term yo-yo dieting exist?

Can you ponder upon the fact that no food is inherently bad, and just look at food as fuel? All food has calories, some just have more nutrients then others!

If you find yourself stuck in a rut of back and forth dieting, and want to stop that pattern, book a free strategy session with me today and we will show you how this works!

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